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Monterey Bay Half Marathon

i am excited to participate IN and review the 2019 Monterey Bay Half marathon! Join me at the link Below

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Product Reviews


Nathan trail mix 2 water pack

Great accessory for shorter/middle distance runs. The pocket design maximizes a good amount of space and can fit my phone. The belt is slightly elastic, but did not cause any chaffing in my test runs. The elastic is also lined with tactical...

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Merrell Trail glove 4

They are light and very comfortable. Made in the tune of barefoot-running minimalism, the shoes have a very delicate touch, almost like wearing socks. What I really love is the breathability of...


Huma chia energy gel - Strawberry flavored (running)

Basic sports gel. Honestly, I can't rely solely on sports gels like some other runners can.  But as far as gels go, this one tastes decent. To help with an irritable stomach, I will hold the gel in my mouth for 30 seconds while it dissolves. It is definitely....

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